Gaetano Mazzanti

"Agile in the Bathtub"


How does a company produce bathtubs in an agile way?

Lessons learned from my experience as a coach — with a software background — in a non software context.

A report on how a traditional top-down organization transitioned to Agile/Lean for its product development and how this (inevitably) propagated to other departments.

The talk will show the power of combining Agile — and — Lean values and principles to build a non software product. From Kanban for Portfolio Management to Self-organization to Premortem Retrospectives we will see how we exploited transparency and continuous adaptation to address main dysfunctions and to transform half-heartened people to proactive and motivated team players.

Describing the technical details of the transition I will try to explain (a) key success factors, (b) main issues and obstacles encountered, (c) insights that we can take back to the software domain and (d) how different is coaching Product Engineers from coaching Software Developers.

Insights from this experience: Kanban rocks, Agile may work also in non software contexts.

The key is in following Agile values and principles and adapting practices (i.e. standups and reviews) to the context. In this case the real difference has been made by frequent retrospectives. The opportunity for people to constantly challenge the status-quo and to redesign their process has been the proof that 'respect for people' is not just a catchy phrase.


Speaker:  Gaetano Mazzanti

Level: Intermediate

Time slot: Monday, 12:30 - 13:00

Room: Gemba


Agile in the Bathtub (Gaetano Mazzanti)
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